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周二        16:00 – 21:00

周三至周日     11:30 – 21:00

每周一       公休

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Opening Times:

Tue.                      16:00 – 21:00

Wed. – Sun.                 11:30 – 21:00

Mon.                             closed

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地址:(813) 高雄市左營區文慈路192巷26號

No.26, Ln. 192, Wenci Rd., Zuoying Dist., Kaohsiung City 813, Taiwan (R.O.C.)




1. 社區及福山里民:經文慈路遇見日大幼稚園後進入文慈路192巷即可抵達;由民族一路方向前來可經重愛路左轉民族一路901巷26弄後再右轉文慈路192巷便可抵達。

The residents in Fushan Li or the community nearby: Go along Wuncih Rd. and turn into Ln. 192 of Wuncih Rd. at 日大幼稚園 (Sunny Kindergarten); The visitors coming from Minzu 1st Rd. could go along Chong-ai Rd., turn left on Aly. 26, Ln. 901 of Minzu 1st Rd. and then turn right into Ln. 192 of Wuncih Rd..

2. 新莊高中學弟妹:步出文慈路校門後左轉,之後右轉進入文慈路192巷即可抵達。

The students studying in Hsin Chuang High School (HCHS): Walk out through the school gate on Wuncih Rd. and then turn right into Ln. 192 of Wuncih Rd..

3. 公車:搭乘【28】∕【38A】∕【38B】∕【38C】∕【38D】∕【39】∕【90】∕【8023】∕【8029】∕【8039】∕【8040】∕【8041】∕【8046】公車,於「新莊高中」站下車後,左轉進入民族一路901巷,再右轉進入民族一路901巷26弄,接著步行至文慈路192巷時左轉即可抵達。(步行時間約5分鐘,距離約300公尺)

By bus: Take bus No. 28 / 38A / 38B / 38C / 38D / 39 / 90 / 8023 / 8029 / 8039 / 8040 / 8041 / 8046, get off at 新莊高中 (Hsin Jhuang Senior High School) stop, turn left on Ln. 901 of Minzu 1st Rd., then turn right on Aly. 26, Ln. 901 of Minzu 1st Rd., and then turn left into Ln. 192 of Wuncih Rd.. (around 5 mins walk, 300 m)

4. 捷運/台鐵/高鐵:於「捷運左營站」∕「台鐵新左營站」∕「高鐵左營站」下車後,步行前往高鐵路(新光三越)一側公車站6號候車區,並轉乘【90】路或【紅50】公車至「重愛路(新莊高中)」站下車,接著步行至文慈路右轉後,於文慈路192巷左轉即可抵達。(步行時間約3分鐘,距離約150公尺。)

By metro / railway / high speed rail: Get off at Zuoying (metro) / Xinzuoying (railway) / Zuoying (high speed rail) station, walk to platform 6 at the bus station on the side of Gaotie Rd. (Shin Kong Mitsukoshi), then transfer to bus No. 90 or 紅50 until 重愛路-新莊高中 (Chongai Rd. – Sin Jhuang Senior High School) stop, then walk and turn right on Wuncih Rd. and then turn left into Ln. 192 of Wuncih Rd.. (around 3 mins walk, 150 m)

5. 自行開車/騎車:店門口可停放約五部機車,開車前來者建議將車輛停放於新莊高中附近停車格後再步行進入文慈路192巷。

By car / motorcycle : The arcade could fit around 5 motorcycles. The visitor who drives a car could park near Hsin Chuang High School (HCHS) and then walk into Ln. 192 of Wuncih Rd..

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  • 自助式用餐環境,當然也不收取服務費:)
  • 每日餐點及飲料皆為新鮮現做,敬請耐心等候:)
  • 於店內座位區用餐者,午茶時段 (14:00 – 17:00) 每人低消為一杯飲料;用餐時段 (11:30 – 14:00, 17:00 – 20:00) 則為每人79元:)
  • 於室外座位區用餐者「可」攜帶外食,全時段每人低消皆為一杯飲料:)
  • 每日餐點及飲料皆為限量提供,若提前售完有FU會盡力補貨現做或即時公告完售:)
  • 提供兒童座椅,並歡迎分享媽媽經,協助有FU成家立業:)
  • 店內全面禁止吸菸及攜帶寵物,若造成不便敬請見諒:)
  • 為鼓勵人與人的真實交流,有FU決定「不」提供WiFi,但可以協助搭訕:)
  • 歡迎喜愛旅行、攝影、藝文創作及英文會話的朋友前來交流合作,亦歡迎借閱店內書籍資訊,借閱辦法請洽有FU人員:)

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YOFU Notice:

  • cafeteria, no service charge:)
  • all meals & drinks are made fresh daily, please wait:)
  • the customers who eat in (for here) between 14:00 and 17:00 have a minimum order: one drink per person; during mealtimes (11:30 – 14:00, 17:00 – 20:00) the minimum order is NT79 per person:)
  • outdoor seating is allowed to bring food from elsewhere, the minimum order is one drink per person:)
  • everyday YOFU makes limited quantities of meals & drinks, if sold out we will make every effort to replenish the stocks or post a bulletin immediately:)
  • child safety seat provided, you are welcome to share your parenting (child-rearing) stories:)
  • smoking and pets are not allowed indoors, we apologise for any inconvenience:)
  • no WiFi, talk to each other, and YOFU might give assistance if you want to start a conversation with someone:)
  • warmly welcome all those interested in travel, photography, artistic creation, Chinese conversation to visit YOFU for the interchange of ideas; you are also welcome to borrow the books and magazines in YOFU, please ask staff for details:)